Phenomenal Women Coaching is dedicated to coaching you wherever you are on your journey and work towards greater personal & professional fulfillment. Upgrade your health, relationships, work-life balance, and sense of purpose.

I'm a certified Positive Psychology Coach, a trained Martha Beck Life Coach, a certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer/Trailblazer, and a Vision Board Workshop facilitator.  

I'm also a certified parenting coach through the John Rosemond's Leadership Parenting Institute.

With a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Florida Atlantic University, a Master's and a Specialist degree in School Psychology from Nova Southeastern University, my life and education have lead me towards a career in upleveling the lives of others.  I'm passionate about personal development with a magical twist.

I didn’t decide to become a life coach the way some people think, “Oh, I think that would be a fun thing to do.” Life coaching chose me, long before there was a term for it. I struggled emotionally in my early years, but luckily found Wayne Dyer’s book, “You’re Erroneous Zones."  That little paperback book was the first step in helping me transform my life.  And so began my lifelong passion of personal development.  Florence Scovel Shinn, Neville Goddard, and Mike Dooley have also been a major influence in my life and coaching style.  The more I learned and saw changes in my life, the more I wanted to share it with others. 

I was able to transform my life when I stopped letting the fear gremlin from holding me back from the life I've always dreamed of having, but was too afraid to pursue.  The challenging experience of starting over from scratch after ending my 20 year marriage, inspired me to start Phenomenal Women Coaching.  My journey to becoming a phenomenal woman led me to trust my intuition, deliberately create my dream life while helping other women step into their power.

Being able to do what comes naturally to me is a gift.  I'm finally fulfilling my life’s purpose and I want to help you fulfill yours. I will firmly but lovingly encourage you to take chances and teach you to trust your inner guidance. 

I would love to help you make the rest of your life, the best of your life!