Perfectly Imperfect

Funny thing about life, as nurturing as Mother Earth is, no one leaves her home unscathed in some way or fashion. 

Take a quick inventory of your body and notice which scars jump out at you.  There’s the one you got from jumping off the swing when you thought you could fly.  Maybe you had a self-waxing session go horribly wrong. Ouch!  Across your belly and hips, there might be the marks of a past pregnancy and birth.  Each one is a constant reminder of an event in your life.

As a divorced woman, I’m sure you walked out of your marriage, as did I, with some scars that may not be visible to the naked eye, but you and I both know they’re there.  Emotional scars are part of the package deal that comes with the end of a marriage.

Rather than labeling these emotional scars as imperfections that we need to cover up, I say we plant a flag in those suckers and claim them to be the foundation of our breakthrough instead of the evidence of our breakdown. 

Are you with me here?  It’s all about changing the name to rearrange the game in our favor.

All it takes is a shift in perspective. 

I decided to rename my post-divorce emotional scars as "learning experiences," which became a catalyst for my own positive transformation. Today, I gladly celebrate the beauty of my imperfections.  Because of them, I am a stronger, better version of myself. 

It reminds me of the centuries old Japanese art form called kintsugi which literally translates to “golden joinery.  The artist repairs broken pottery by using lacquer mixed with gold, silver, or platinum. 

According to Lakeside Pottery:

Kintsugi is said to have originated in the 15th century when a Japanese shogun broke a favorite tea bowl and sent it back to China to be fixed. But the repair job, which was done with metal staples - being the standard for repair at that time - detracted from the beauty of the bowl. Disappointed, the shogun enlisted a Japanese craftsman to come up with a more aesthetically pleasing solution, and kintsugi was born.

Pretty cool huh?!

I couldn’t use gold and lacquer to put my Humpty Dumpty emotional self back together again, but I had something way cooler and more powerful in my toolkit to repair the places I was shattered: gratitude, the grace of time, and self-love. 

Your emotional scars are reminders that you are a helluva lot stronger than you thought you were.  Accept and lovingly respect the history of these scars rather than try to disguise them. 

They’ve shaped you into the amazing BADASS woman you are today! Woot Woot!


Tell me how you celebrate being imperfectly perfect?  I’d love to hear about it… leave me a comment below