Here is what some of my coaching clients and workshop participants have said about their personal experience:

"The work I've done with Lissette has been the single most important factor that has transformed my life for the better.  For years I've lived my life full of fear, negative thinking and self defeating thoughts.  I tried almost every self help group, book or class available.  Initially, they would help some, but once again, I would slip back to my old patterns.

I started working with Lissette in the spring of 2015.  Almost immediately, I was at ease to share my life experiences with her.  She was compassionate and listened carefully, but let me know, if I wanted a different life, it was time to tell "a different story".  From our very first meeting, I knew this was a different energy and experience.  Each meeting after that, Lissette gave me the tools I needed to build my self worth and confidence. She helped me ultimately, to change my entire way of thinking. 

My life is so different now!  My family and friends are amazed with the changes they see.  I no longer let fear dictate my life and I'm achieving goals I never thought I would.  I owe this to the work I've done with Lissette and feel truly thankful and blessed, she has been a part of my life."
B. Ward


"I love the enthusiasm Lissette brings to each session.  She gives us simple techniques to practice and encourages us to have fun practicing.  Lissette is very positive and shares her own experiences wit us.  I feel much joy coming to our session.

Thank you Lissette!"
Sherron H.

"Lissette is a great coach and mentor. She is caring, empathetic and a deep listener. She is intuitive and insightful and guides you to take meaningful action. Lissette is well read and is versed in psychological behaviour and patterns. She also knows that our beliefs either work for us or against us and helps you disassemble the limiting ones to form positive ones. She has been an excellent stable and guiding force and I highly recommend her services."
Gorett R.

"Lissette is a wonderful teacher.  Her Infinite Possibilities class was very enlightening, positive, and uplifting."
Val M.


"Working with Lissette has changed my life in an amazing way.  She is so knowledgeable and helpful.  A true inspiration.  I am now on my path and everything I have dreamed of two years ago has come true!"
Sherri M.


"Lissette is an incredible teacher and makes you feel like you can achieve anything you desire."


"Lissette is wonderful.  Her work is life changing.  We love her!"